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What bait to use for fishing...


Which bait does a fish prefer?  Below are a list of saltwater baits with the main "diners" who will be tempted.


To see more information and photographs of some of these fish, visit our Fish Pictures section.


See also Bait for Trout and other Freshwater Fish

Type of Bait

Common Species it Will Catch
Prawns & Shrimps (marine) Bream, whiting, flathead, snapper, cod, morwong, yellowtail, flounder, goatfish, emperor, trevally, sweetlip, mangrove jack, marine perch, redfish, sweep, barramundi.

For more information on the fish listed here, see our section:
Fish Photos & Information


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Crabs Reef fish such as cod, drummer, snapper, bream, grouper, marine perch, parrot fish, wrasse.
. .
Saltwater Yabbies (Nippers) Bream, whiting, flathead, flounder, luderick, snapper, trevally.
. .
Shellfish (Pipies, mussels, abalone, clams, oysters) Whiting, dart, leatherjackets, bream, drummer, snapper, Australian salmon.
. .
Squid & Octopus Snapper, kingfish, morwong, goatfish, parrot fish, bream, coral trout, boarfish, sweetlip, marine perch, emperors, leather jackets.
. .
Marine Worms (beach, blood) Whiting, bream, flathead, luderick, flounder, mulloway, dart, trevally, Australian salmon.
. .
Cunjevoi Drummer, groper, sweep, bream, snapper, rock cod, parrot fish, wrasse.
. .
Live Fish (Yellowtail, slimey mackerel, mullet etc) Mulloway, kingfish, snapper, tuna, trevally, john dory, mackerel, barramundi, wahoo, cobia, mahi mahi, cobia, cods, sharks.
. .
Whole Dead Fish (pilchards, whitebait etc) Tailor, Australian salmon, kingfish, mackerel, snapper, coral trout, emperors, mulloway, blue-eye trevalla, boarfish, sharks.
. .
Cut Fish Flesh (strips, cubes, fillets) Bream, Snapper, flathead, trevally, morwong, dart, cod, flounder, mangrove jack, goatfish, redfish, coral trout, emperor, marine perch, sharks.
. .
Marine Seaweeds Luderick, drummer, mullet, bream.
. .
Bread Mullet, drummer, bream, luderick, sweep, yellowtail, slimey mackerel, hardyhead.
. .
Dough Mixes (flavoured with fish oil, cheese, minced fish etc) Bream, garfish, mullet, tommy ruff, yellowtail, slimey mackerel, hardyhead.
. .
Cheese Bream, garfish, mullet, tommy ruff, yellowtail, slimey mackerel.
. .
Meat (steak, liver, kidney, chicken gut etc) Bream, mulloway, yellowtail, slimey mackerel, tommy ruff, sharks.

Ballina Quality Bait
We retail and wholesale sales specializing in bait prawns, We will pack in your bags and cartons or alternately we will pack in our bags Ballina Quality Bait in which ever size packaging you require. We are commercial fisherman and process our own catch - quality guaranteed.

Contact: Tom O'Grady
Alstonville, NSW, Australia
Tel: +61 (0)2 66281645   Fax: +61 (0)2 6628 6059


Fishing Lure Manufacturers





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